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Student Costuming Guidelines

FUSION Students - Costuming Guidelines

Fusion students are expected to provide their own costume according to requirements below, attend class regularly, and demonstrate proficiency in order  to be invited to perform at online showcases and other events. AT MINIMUM, students must have or purchase the top and pants as part of their costume. If you have questions or concerns at all, please contact myself or Nataliya.

Please read the following carefully for costuming requirements:

Minimum Costuming Requirements:

  1. Top - Halter top (see links below for purchasing)  worn over a black or white spaghetti strap/camisole/short-sleeved -or- long-sleeved “V-Neck” top (provided by the student) -OR- stomach covering (provided by the student). Halter top worn on its own is acceptable as well.
  2. Pants - Flared yoga pants, or flared Tribal Fusion Pants (see links below for purchasing)

 Strongly Encouraged Costume Pieces/Components:

  1. Under Skirt  - Stretchy Lycra underskirt worn with pants (see links below for purchasing). Color should match the halter top chosen or  compliment the color of the halter top.
  1. Jewelry - This must be provided by the student. Wear your favorite earrings, bracelets, and a necklace if you choose.
  1. Make Up - Eyeshadow, mascara and lipstick is encouraged for performances.

Below are the links to purchase your own top, pants, and overskirt. Please review your options carefully prior to buying to ensure you are happy with your selection. 

1. Halter Top - You only need to buy 1

Black: https://www.bellydance.com/comfy-stretch-halter-top-black

Turquoise: https://www.bellydance.com/comfy-stretch-halter-top-turquoise.html

Blue: https://www.bellydance.com/comfy-stretch-halter-top-caribbean-blue

Green: https://www.bellydance.com/comfy-stretch-halter-top-green.html

Red: https://www.bellydance.com/comfy-stretch-halter-top-red.html

Purple: https://www.bellydance.com/comfy-stretch-halter-top-purple.html

Tan: https://www.bellydance.com/comfy-stretch-halter-top-sand.html

White: https://www.bellydance.com/comfy-stretch-halter-top-white.html

Black w/ Mesh Stomach Cover option: https://www.bellydance.com/stretchy-black-dance-top-sheer-mesh-belly-cover?fbclid=IwAR2i-8ASZ04e6DAVVUTfQyuzR_hL4EX97GllvXy3qEy9iLCk_heeL9huGdI

2. Pants - You only need to buy 1

Flared Yoga Pants: https://www.bellydance.com/flared-bottom-yoga-dance-pants-black

Tribal fusion Flared Pants: https://www.bellydance.com/tribal-fusion-gothic-belly-dance-pants-sized-black.html

3. Optional, but strongly recommended: Over Skirt -You only need to buy 1

Many colors to choose from, select the color that either matches your halter top, or a color that compliments it. 



Oriental/Egyptian Raqs Sharki

Basic requirements for performing students.

Folklore: Saidi striped dresses with matching coin hip scarf.


Rest of outfits are to discuss within performers group.