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Oriental/ Egyptian RAQS Classes With Nataliya

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1. Class name: Belly Dance Fundamentals
Class time: Fridays 6 - 7 pm
Class level: Beginner- Intermediate to Intermediate

Description of the class:
Learn Egyptian Raqs Sharqi (Raks Sharki) with Nataliya.
This beautiful dance form has its roots in Egyptian social and folkloric dances. It originated in the early 20th century in Egypt. Raqs Sharqi incorporates baladi and folkloric movements, as well as western influences which can be seen in the use of turns, travelling steps and a more lifted feeling than the traditional local dances. Basic steps, turns and transitions through the set of easy to learn sets and combinations. Enjoy fun music and friendly atmosphere in the class!

2. Class name: Choreography class
Class time:
Thursday 8-9pm
Friday 7-8 pm
Saturday 1 - 2 pm
Class level: Intermediate/Upper-Intermediate to Advanced.

Description of the class:
Oriental, Egyptian Raqs, Egyptian and non-Egyptian folkloric routines and more. Deep technique study, choreography, performing skills. Performance/competing opportunities for students who are qualified. Please, contact Nataliya before to join this class: nataliyasaborio@gmail.com


3. Learn, Dance, Perform: Intensive course “Learn, Dance, Perform” by Nataliya

Description of the class: 

Are looking for learning and develop yourself as a dancer? You’re welcome to join Nataliya’s “Learn, Dance, Perform” Intensive course!

Fun, exciting routines, choreographed by Nataliya, as well as the most prominent dancers of Europe are available for you. Extensive study, includes detailed explanation of material and videotaping after every class is done. Group practice, performance and competition opportunities. The course requires Intermediate Lv and up. Semi private style of classes. Groups of 3, $25 per hour coaching. Classes conduct with prior arrangement.

Let’s learn and dance together!

Please, contact as for joining the course here: https://robdstudio.com/pages/contact-us

Nataliya Saborio Belly Dancer, ROBD Studio