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St.Valentine's Virtual Showcase by ROBD Studio

ROBD Studio Valentines Day Virtual Belly Dance Show
Valentine’s day is a time to feel loved and be loved. It is not only a day of romance; it is a day of acknowledging the energies that bring us together in creativity. When a group of people is brought together in dance, it produces some of the same good feelings you may have in a relationship. It is that bond of togetherness regardless of illness, conflicts, or other events in your life that make you feel part of a moment in time.

This Valentine’s Day, we will celebrate togetherness in dance. We will create and express from our souls and give back to the world the gifts given to us to entertain and bring a smile to those who our dance inspires and comforts.

Cupid is flying among us with his bow steady and enchanted arrows. It said that Cupid’s arrows bring love, comfort, joy, and an all-encompassing love for all. What will Cupid have in store for you?

Celebrate a Valentine’s Day of Dance with us at ROBD Studio!

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