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Body Ballet Class with Maribel

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Body Ballet Class with Maribel: Body Ballet is an elegant fitness program. The results you will receive from this class are not to turn you into a ballerina, but to significantly increase your ability to be more graceful, flexible and lighter.

Body Ballet lessons include elements of classical dance. All the movements are exceptionally safe for the joints and useful for the muscles. Body Ballet classes are for people of all ages and shapes.

Nos enfocaremos en técnica de ballet que incluye los pasos fundamentales, las posiciones básicas, y términos apropiados para cada ejercicio de barra. Los ejercicios ayudarán a fortalecer los músculos, ayudarán a mejorar el equilibrio, coordinación, y flexibilidad. Nos enfocaremos también en la alineación correcta del cuerpo para ejecutar cada ejercicio.

El instructor habla español e inglés

Benefits of Attending This Class:

  • Great posture, both in dance and in life.
  • Flexibility and correct placement of your body and hands.
  • More flexible and stronger muscles.
  • Strengthening of the feet, beautiful use of hands in dance, correct bends, stability in turns and walking on the tips of your toes.

In our busy adult lives, we don’t always have an opportunity to spend time with the ballet bar. But now there is a wonderful opportunity to improve your dance in every way and make your dreams of becoming a beautiful dancer come true.

Dance attire for the class:

Black leotard with sleeves; black or tan color dance tights or leggings; ballet slippers. We recommend your hair pulled back away from the face and no jewelry. Small towel, bottle of water might be handy. Please, no street shoes for the studio. Thank you.

When: Saturday: 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
8 week class session: $100
Drop-in: $15
Languages: English and Spanish

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